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Charm And Elegance of Hydrangea Flowers 

The hydrangea has become the true star of the Canadian and world gardens and a symbol of elegance when presented in different bouquets and flower compositions. Diverse varieties and its striking presence make these flowers stand out among the boundless floral world. Each petal hides elusive beauty that can’t leave anybody who see it indifferent, striking them with magic and charm. In Ancient times hydrangea was considered a symbol of flirt in the countries of mysterious East as it can suddenly change its color from almost blue to pale blue, almost white, but nowadays, this meaning has been forgotten as scientists have already found an explanation for this change of color (it’s all about the soil and fertilizers). 

The Hidden Meaning Of Hydrangeas

A bouquet of aristocratic hydrangeas is not just a bunch of flowers, but a message of your love and gratitude, delivered with no extra words. Those charming balls of velvet petals come in different colors and shades, from snow-white and light blue ones for delicate bouquets to pale pink and purple color boosts for passionate flower combinations. Whatever color you choose, you will impress the recipient with an elegant and refined bouquet. 

When Can You Order Hydrangeas in Canada? 

Hydrangeas are usually available all year long. So whenever you want to cheer your special person up, put them in a romantic and positive mood, a magnificent bouquet of hydrangeas is available at Florans online store! 

The Ultimate Benefits Of Hydrangeas? 

There are three main reasons why hydrangeas are worth your attention. 

  1. They perfectly match with most other flowers, especially with roses, peonies, and ranunculus. Even if you choose a mono bouquet, they will still look gorgeous! 
  2. There is no occasion, for which hydrangeas would be a bad choice. They are perfect for both birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and other special occasions. 
  3. In terms of cost-efficiency, hydrangeas are also a good choice – even though they look extremely elegant and even luxurious, hydrangea prices are quite average in the flower market and thus make it quite affordable to buy them.  


Hydrangeas first arrived to Europe from Mauritius and ever since have become a symbol of elegance and natural beauty. So if you decided to congratulate somebody on a special day or just surprise them with a flower greeting, then ordering a bouquet of hydrangeas will be an excellent choice!

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