Return Process & Policy

  1.  The return will be made within 2 days after the decision of return is made.
  1. During the return, a commission fee for the  payment system is charged, which is borne by the buyer. The funds can also be secured as the store credit with the initial amount the customer has paid, and there would not be any additional charges and fees in such case, if the order is cancelled in the appropriate timely manner.
  2. If the return is made for the following reasons:
  • refusal to receive the bouquet by the recipient
  • unable to reach the recipient and no alternative numbers are available
  • the recipient is not in the country/city and cannot accept the bouquet
  • the customer changed their mind about giving the bouquet

In such instances, the payment for the Company's services may be withheld, which may amount from 10% and up to 100% of the order value. The refund amount depends on the Company's material expenses and circumstances.

  1. The return is made only to the payer and cannot be paid to third parties.

  1. Procedure for the Company's interaction with the Client in case of a complaint:
  1. The Client sends a complaint within 12 hours after receiving the order, specifying the purchase/delivery date.
  2. The Company informs the Client of receiving the complaint within one hour after receiving it during operating business hours. After that, it conducts internal monitoring of the situation for no more than 1 working day from the moment of receiving the complaint. After conducting the monitoring, the company provides the Client with a reasoned response to his claim.
  3. Complaints about quality and freshness must necessarily include photos taken no later than 3 hours after delivery. Photos sent within a day (24 hours) from the moment of order fulfillment are considered at the discretion of the management.
  4. Consideration of the complaint may be suspended due to the lack of a response from the Client within 7 days, the absence or provision of a photo outside the specified terms (if a photo is required for the complaint consideration).
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