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Today, tulips are not the most expensive flowers, although once Persian poets used to consider them to be more noble than roses. What’s the secret of these flowers, and how come you can bring spring anywhere where you come with a bouquet of tulips?

Tulips usually bloom in spring, revealing a feeling of freshness and welcoming new beginnings. Depending on their color and shape, tulips can have interesting and different meanings. The Victorians saw the yellow tulip as a sign that “your smile shines with the sun.” While planting yellow tulips in your garden is also believed to bring good luck and prosperity. These flowers also have such a beautiful history. 

The Legend Of Happiness Hidden In A Bud


In Persia, there is a legend about a wizard who has captured and hidden happiness within the bud of a yellow tulip. Many people tried to open this bud to find the happiness but couldn’t succeed. The most beautiful women tried to sing their best songs to make the bud open, nourished it with mountain river water, and even wine. But the flower remained protected from outside.

One morning, the son of a palace maid, who knew nothing about the tulip’s curse, played in the garden. He picked up the flower and started laughing.

As the palace guards went to punish the boy, the tulip miraculously opened its petals. The genuine smile of the child had broken the curse, and joy returned to Persia.

Ever since, a bouquet of yellow tulips has symbolized happiness.

Secret Meaning And The Symbolism Of Tulips

Tulips can mean various things: 

  • Abundance
  • Prosperity
  • Tenderness
  • Innocence
  • Affection

It all depends on the color. For example:

  1. A yellow tulip represents cheerful thoughts, happiness, and hope
  2. White tulips can enhance a bouquet’s freshness. However, they are often used to offer condolences.
  3. Pink tulips are perfect for celebrating milestones like promotions, births, graduations, or weddings, symbolizing prosperity and good luck.
  4. Red bouquets of tulips for sale are usually chosen for a romantic gesture, embodying love, empathy, and sensuality.
  5. Purple tulips are associated with royalty, elegance, and sophistication and are often given to people to which you want to express your respect. 
  6. Blue tulips are very rare and unique. They are a perfect choice for someone known for their authenticity and originality.

There is such a variety of tulips on sale at Florans that finding the necessary ones is just a matter of few moments! Send your messages, feelings, and thought with a bouquet of tulips and let their smile shine with the sun!

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