Mother's Day

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Making Mother’s Day Special With Heartfelt Blooms

What is so special about the second Sunday of May? It’s most probably the most sunny, warm, tender, and important Sunday of the whole year. It’s Mother’s Day. This day is when we globally honor the most important woman in our lives – our mothers. And a beautiful bunch of flowers is a natural and great way to express your love and appreciation. Let’s navigate the world of Mother’s Day flowers together to make sure your gift is as special as the woman who receives it.

Mother’s Day Flower Delivery to Express Love through Blooms

Flower delivery is not just a convenient option, but a thoughtful way to show your love. Whether you’re near or far, a bouquet delivered to your mother’s door will be a truly heartwarming surprise that will make her smile and feel special. 

TOP choices for Mother’s Day Flower Arrangements 

Roses, lilies, and orchids are among the top choices for Mother’s Day flower delivery arrangements. It’s well known that each bloom has its unique language of love, but the best choice is always based on the personal tastes of the recipient. You might choose the favorite flowers of your mother or find different flowers of her favorite color. In case you need assistance, you can browse our catalog to see the ready-to-deliver options or contact us, so our florists would create a custom bouquet. 

Customization Is a Way To Make Each Bouquet Special

Personalization always adds a special touch to your Mother’s Day flowers delivery. It’s a great idea to remember some special moments from your life and pick up the flowers associated with one or another moment. For example, if the first time when you were a child you brought your mother some daisies that you picked up yourself, then including them into the Mother’s Day flower bouquet will make it truly special and remind your mother about a precious moment.

Fresh Flowers Delivered Seamlessly

The best flower delivery is the one that is focused on the freshness. It is a key to please the customers and the recipients. Florans pays special attention to both creating a bouquet and providing a seamless delivery experience. Mother’s Day is a special holiday and our team knows how important it is to take care of each detail.  

Mother’s Day Flowers + Message Combo

A card to accompany a bouquet of flowers is a way to turn a simple gift into a deploy personal expression of love. But what to write if you are not a master of words? Here are some ideas: 

  1. Express gratitude for her love and admiration for her support. List some qualities of your mother you admire the most, like strength or wisdom. 
  2. Share precious memories about important moments together and how much they meant to you. Mention her influence, reflect on how your mother positively shaped your life. 
  3. “Use” the help of word masters. Collect the quotes about motherhood and mothers made by people who inspire you or/and your mother. This kind message will definitely resonate with the importance of the day. 


FAQs About Mother’s Day & Mother’s Day Flower Delivery

How old is this holiday?

The first time this holiday was celebrated in Canada was back in 1914. It was May 9th. 

What is the best way to celebrate Mother’s Day?

The best way is to dedicate your time to your mother and make her feel even more special this day than usually, for example:

  • arrange a free day for your mother when she doesn’t have any chores or give her a chance to delegate her chores to some professionals
  • create a handmade gift to express your feelings, for example, write a short story or a poem dedicated to your mother
  • ask a professional artist to complete a portrait of your mother or your family so she could enjoy it   
  • choose a gift she has always dreamt about and order a special Flower Delivery 
  • organize a trip, so your mother would be able to get new impressions and enjoy some traveling to a nice place 

Can I include a personal message with the bouquet?

Absolutely! We can add a heartfelt message to your mothers day flowers delivery so it feels truly special.

What flowers can I choose?

While carnations are the most popular choice, other flowers are also an option:

  • Roses
  • Ranunculus
  • Carnations
  • Lilies
  • Orchids
  • Tulips
  • Daisies
  • Gerbera Daisies
  • Peonies


Whether you need a bunch of roses, a mix of different flower or an exotic customized bouquet with a unique message, the Florans team is there to make your wish come true.

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