Valentines Day

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Valentine’s Bouquets – Expressing Love Through Blooms 

Each year as Valentine’s Day approaches people split in two different categories: some experience stress and wonder what gift to make while others know that classics always rules. And what gift could be more classy and appropriate than flowers? 

Importance and Value of Valentine’s Day Bouquets

When you choose a bouquet for Valentine’s Day, you don’t just pick some flowers, but actually craft a message of love. Every flower has a story to tell, and we at Florans help you do it. Personalizing your Valentine’s Day Flowers with custom arrangements helps you speak directly to the heart of your beloved. 

How To Make The Right Choice? 

It’s quite simple – decide on the message you want to send and consider the personal tastes of the recipient. What is their favorite flower? And what about the color? Remember, the sentiment behind the gift often holds more value than the gift itself. Depending on your message, you might decide on the following flowers: 

  • Roses as a classic symbol of romantic love. When in red, they are synonymous with love and passion. 
  • Tulips are a popular alternative to roses. Red ones are associated with true love, while purple ones symbolize loyalty.
  • Orchids symbolize love, luxury, beauty, and strength. These flowers are a sophisticated and elegant choice.
  • Lilies are known for their striking appearance and lovely fragrance. They symbolize purity and refined beauty. 
  • Peonies symbolize romance, prosperity, good luck, a happy marriage, and even bashfulness. They can be a unique and luxurious choice for Valentine’s Day.
  • Sunflowers are an original choice to convey a message of positivity and strength in your relationship.
  • Daisies symbolize innocence and purity, as well as represent true love. They are a cheerful and light-hearted choice, perfect for a budding or youthful relationship.

How can I make my Valentine’s Day bouquet last longer? 


There are some hacks that can help you make your gift stay special for your loved one longer. 

  1. When a bouquet arrives, it’s a good practice to give each stem a cut at a 45º angle to enhance water absorption. Use the flower food packet that arrives with flowers or make your own one (with sugar, bleach, and lemon juice) to extend their life. 
  2. Warm water you add to the vase. Room temperature will be a perfect choice. 
  3. Give the flowers a second life once they start to fade. Petals can be reused for a relaxing bath or decorative element. They also come in hand for those who likes crafting things like flower cards, bath salts, soap. This way you will add a personal touch to your gesture of love.  

Why choose Valentine’s Day Flower Delivery Services? 

There are multiple reasons why sometimes delivering your Valentine’s Day flowers personally is not an option. Modern companies though make it possible not to lose a single value of your gift!  

Freshness and Quality Guaranteed

Valentines Day Flowers Delivery services usually make sure their flowers are as fresh as possible not to disappoint their customers. They provide delivery of fresh, vibrant flowers that retain their beauty and fragrance.

Hassle-Free Ordering and Delivery 

Florans online store makes the ordering process hassle-free. Whether it’s a delivery to your beloved one’s doorstep or a surprise delivery at their workplace, we opt for creating unforgettable moments.

Last-Minute Solutions

Forgot to plan ahead? No worries! The same-day Valentines Flower Delivery ensures you’re covered even at the last minute.

Perfect Choice

With an array of options from Valentines Day flower delivery to custom bouquets, you have the choice. Whether you need classic Valentine’s Day flowers or something unique, there’s something for every taste at Florans. Even if there’s no ready bouquet to fit your needs, our florists will create it, so your beloved one gets the best gift! 

Pricing and Budget Options

Valentine’s Day Bouquets come in various price ranges at Florans, ensuring there’s a beautiful option for every budget. From luxurious arrangements to sweet and simple bouquets, find something that aligns with your budget.

FAQs About Valentine’s Bouquets and Flower Delivery

Can I get a custom message with my flower delivery?

Absolutely! We will add a card with your message if needed.

How do I ensure the flowers stay fresh upon delivery?

We will make sure they are! Also, follow our recommendations we’ve given you a bit above to make the flowers last longer!

Is it possible to deliver flowers anonymously?

Yes, we do offer the option to send flowers anonymously, adding an element of mystery to your surprise.

Valentine’s Day is more than just another day. This day is an opportunity to express love and appreciation. Take some time to choose the flowers that will help you express your feelings and turn this day into a truly special one for the one who is worth it.

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