Enchanted Garden Tapestry

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    $110. Hydrangea, serruria, anemone, roses, spray roses, dianthus, ranunculus, lisianthus, eucalyptus $25 chocolate Step where nature's wonders are woven into a beautiful floral arrangement. This bouquet is a masterpiece of botanical artistry, featuring hydrangeas, serruria, anemones, spray roses, dianthus, ranunculus, lisianthus, and eucalyptus. The hydrangeas serve as the canvas, creating a backdrop with their soft, billowy blooms. Serruria adds a touch of delicate intricacy, symbolizing the beauty of life's details. Anemones bring a pop of color and elegance, representing anticipation and excitement. Spray roses infuse romance into the composition. Dianthus embodies the allure of the wild, while ranunculus adds layers of charm. Lisianthus carries the message of appreciation and gratitude. Eucalyptus ties it all together with a fragrant, refreshing finish. The "Enchanted Garden Tapestry" is a living masterpiece, perfect for celebrating life's magical moments.

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